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Canada and Beyond, Vol. 9 (2020)

Dear Colleagues,

Vol. 9 (2020) of the on-line journal Canada and Beyond is now accessable at

Chères/Chèrs collègues,

Vol. 9 (2020) de la revue en ligne Canada and Beyond est maintenant accessible à http://www.uhu.es/publicaciones/ojs/index.php/CanadaBeyond/issue/view/359

Denisa Krásná
CEACS Secretariat / Secrétariat de l’AECEC

Université Masaryk University, Brno



Margaret Atwood’s Grace Marks as an outcast: Rewriting Nathaniel
Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne
        Manuela López Ramírez

The Vibrancy of Materiality and Otherwise-Than-Place  in Susan Gillis’
Obelisk (2017)
        Leonor María Martínez Serrano

Living in ‘The Dish With One Spoon’: Transdescendence and Convivance in
Daniel Coleman’s Yardwork: A Biography of an Urban Place
        Claire Omhovère

Creative writing / Écriture créative

        Suzette Mayr

The Brass Bowl
        Dania Idriss

The Disappearing Island
        Marjorie Rugunda

Home of the Griffins
        Mikka Jacobsen