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Anniversaries, celebrations

Margaret Atwood's 80th birthday

On 18 November 2019 Margaret Atwood celebrated her eightieth birthday. To mark this milestone in the life of one of Canada's greatest living writers, the CEACS encouraged its members to organize events in her honour. The response was remarkable: altogether fifteen different commemorations took place, in all of the association's member countries. Click here to view an album with information and photos concerning these events.


Alice Munro's 90th birthday

On July 10, 2021 Alice Munro turned ninety. In connection with this anniversary, members of the CEACS across the Central European region organized a project aimed at celebrating the life and work of this remarkable writer, the first (and so far only) Canadian to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Click here to access an album presenting the multiple ways in which the Central European Canadianists chose to honour Munro.