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Canadian Studies on the Internet
This is a list of Internet sites related to Canadian Studies; it is based on a YAHOO/Google Search and various people's tips and will be gradually updated and corrected. However, we were not able to check all the links so you may find some of them to be of no use. If this happens, or if you feel that there are some other useful links that should appear on this page, please let us know so that we can update the page. Thank you!

General Informaiton Sites
Academic Links - Universities and Canadian Studies Associations
Libraries, Museums, Archives and Books in General
History and Geography
Social Sciences
Cultural Studies


General Information Sites

Academic Info Canadian Studies
GKS - Database of Online Canadiana - This is a very extensive site for all areas of Canadian Studies, created by the Association for Canadian Studies in the German-speaking Countries (GKS) and maintained by the Canadian Studies Centre at Marburg University
CanLinks - a directory of web resources relevant to Canadian studies
Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources - This site provides a summary of major published texts in a number important areas in Canadian studies.
Canadiana Page (Compiled by Stewart Clemens) - Includes links to Yellow Pages, currency exchange rates, government websites etc.
Joel Smith's Canadian Studies Links - Offers links to miscellaneous websites - governement, legal, business.
Canadian Digital Collections - it is one of the major collections ofquality Canadian content on the Web. Canada's Digital Collections hosts over three hundred Web sites, showcasing Canada's history, industries,heritage, people, museums, archives, and more.
Oh Canada! (archive, no longer updated) - provides access to information on the Internet which defines and exposes Canada and Canadians.
Inventory of Canadian Digital Initiatives - Project of the Ntl Library of Cda, dedicated to cataloguing Canadian Digital information resources, specifically created for the web.
Canadiana Quick Reference
Canadian Studies Website

Practical Information

MLA Style: A Format for Citing Sources in a Humanities Research Paper

Academic links - universities and canadian studies associations

International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS)
European Network for Canadian Studies (ENCS)
Association for Canadian Studies in the German-speaking Countries (GKS)
Polish Association for Canadian Studies (PACS)
John F. Kennedy-Institute for North American Studie
Canadian Studies Network (CSN)

Students' Associations

Young Scholars' Canadian Network - German Speaking Countries
Central European Young Canadianists/Jeunes Canadianistes en Europe Central

List of Canadian Universities

List of Canadian Universities and Colleges


Studying in Canada

Libraries, Museums, Archives and Books in general

On-line catalogues and collections

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Books in print and forthcoming books
Out-of-print titles
Early Canadiana Online
The Canadian Studies Centre at Masaryk University
Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet
National Library of Canada -- electronic collection.
Ottawa Public Library
University of Ottawa Library
Toronto Public Library, their Virtual Reference Library
Cambridge Library
New Brunswick Library
Nova Scotia Library
Saskatchewan Library

Virtual Museum of Canada
A Gateway to Canada's Museums

History and Geography

The Atlas of Canada

History and Geography Sites
Active History.CA

Important Canadian Women in History

Comprehensive Sites

Academic Info on Canadian History

Early Canadiana Online - Canada's Printed Heritage via Internet
H-Canada Discussion Network
- H-Net is an international interdisciplinary organization of scholars and teachers dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Our edited lists and web sites publish peer reviewed essays, multimedia materials, and discussion for colleagues and the interested public.

Specialized Sites

Canadian Historical Association
Historical Atlas of Canada
Museum of Civilization, Quebec City

Canadian Association of Geographers
National Atlas of Canada On-line
Canadian Communities Atlas
GeoResources (Canadian Council for Geographic Education)
Canadian Geographic - a magazine
Mapping Canada -Canadian Geographic
Alexandria Digital Library - Canada (University of California at Santa Barbara)
Canada's Geographical Names


Comprehensive Sites

Government of Canada Primary Internet Site
NLC: Political Science Sites
Nelson Political Science
Canadian Constitutional Documents

Canadian Politics on the Web
Canadian Politics - University of British Columbia Library
Political resources on the Net
Canadian Social Research Links
Politics Watch

Specialized Sites

Canada's efforts in the Middle-East Peace Process
Canadian Federal Departments and Agencies
Academic Info - a directory of Internet resources tailored to a college or advanced high school audience
Government of Quebec
Statistics Canada
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Environment Canada
National Library of Canada
Heritage Canada - multiculturalism program
Canadian Heritage
National Archives of Canada
Webleaf - Canadian Political Education Website


Social Sciences

Cities of Migration - Information on integration practices



Comprehensive Sites

The Canadian Literature Archive
NLC: Literature Sites
Association for the Export of Canadian Books (AECB). Includes now the on-line Books on Canada catalogue, together with hyperlinks to participating publishers' Web sites. To view the catalogue, click on Publications.
Canadian Writer's Blog
Canadian Literatue: A Quarterly of Criticism and Review - the journal contains critical articles, book reviews, selection of poetry. On-line section offers interviews with authors and poets and databasis of Canadian scholars, Canadian publishers and Literary Magazines/Journals.

Specialized Sites

Month of Author's Readings - The website provides video recordings of readings by 32 Canadian (19 Anglophone and 13 Francophone) authors, among them Francois Barcelo, Nicole Brossard, Jean Francois Chassay, George Elliott Clarke, Lee Maracle and Robert Bringhurst, who were guests of honour at the biggest Czech literary festival, called the Month of Authors' Readings, in July 2008. The event took place in Brno at the Goose on the String Theatre with the help of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec and students of the Department of Romance Languages and the English Department of Masaryk University who, volunteered to translate the texts for the festival and to interpret the discussions that followed each reading. 
Jacques Ferron Website
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Margaret Atwood
Stephen Leacock
Canada's Early Women Writers

Cultural Studies

General Sites

Academic Info on Canadian Culture
CBC iCulture

Specialized Sites

Canadian Women's Studies Association
Resources for Feminist Research - Canadian feminist scholarly journal.
McGill University Institute for the Study of Canada - mandate, program of study, annual report, conferences and seminars, and other Canadian studies links.
Canada.cz - Website of the Canadian Embassy in Prague; in English, French, Czech and Slovak.
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Canada Council for the Arts
Canada's Multicultural Newspapers - Connecting Canadians is a collection of historical newspapers that
document the early years of immigrant experience in Canada.
Connecting Canadians is an invaluable resource for descendants of
immigrants, students and teachers of the immigrant experience, as well
as genealogists. All content is freely accessible, and keyword

Native Canadians

Aboriginal Canada (an excellent site) Curricular Resources in Aboriginal Studies (British Columbia Community Learning Network)
Departments of Native Studies at Canadian universities
Assembly of First Nations, the national representative organization of Canada's Natives
Inuit Tapirisat of Canada
, the national organization of the Inuit of Canada
Métis National Council, the national representative of the Métis nation in Canada
Resources for Aborigonal Studies


Media Links in Canada and Abroad (Canadian Newspaper Association)


Canadian Newspapers - newspaper search engine
National Post
Vancouver Province
The Globe and Mail - News Online
Halifax Daily News
Toronto Star News
Canadian News Ticker
Canadian News Digest
Canadian Publishers' Council
The Canadian Press - Links to Other news Sites
Canadian Online explorer (CANOE) - 24-hour CP/AP news, Canadian and international; Reuters business news, Canadian and international; SUN newspapers in Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Cangary; Financial Post daily; Maclean's magazine; radio station)
Canadian Website of the Washington Post


Canadian Magazines - a long list of magazines


Radio Canada International
- The website provides information including program schedules in all languages, satellite program schedules, a description of all RCI programs, a background on RCI language lessons which are supplied to dozens of stations around the world, daily news reports in English, French, Spanish, Ukranian, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese and Canadian views on national and international issues. It also provides a RealAudio selection of the newscasts and programs in all languages and a continuous LiveAudio service including some CBC and SRC programs.
CBC Audio


Cable Public Affairs Channel
CBC Newsworld Online